It all began with trying to find beautiful, exceptional quality hats that were perfect for our tropical lifestyle. Hat of Cain is a homegrown Singapore label specialising in Panama hats, located in the charming neighbourhood of Joo Chiat. 


Established in 2012, Hat of Cain grew from its humble beginnings with a handful of classic styles to a wide selection of over forty designs suitable for both men and women. Customers, first-time Panama hat owners and collectors alike, will be spoilt for choice with the variety of weave grades that have been carefully sourced from the finest weavers in Ecuador.

The History of Panama hat goes as far back to the 16th century when it was considered a cottage industry within the coastal communities of Ecuador. The popularity of these hats grew with visiting hat makers from these regions that were captivated by the fine quality of the weaves. Hence it was coined the Panama hat due to the point of trade instead of the country of origin.

U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was photographed wearing a Panama hat when he visited the construction of the Panama Canal, and thereafter the signature of a delicately weaved straw hat with a black band rose to its iconic status of today. The Panama hat became the signature style of elegance and sophistication amongst the social elite whilst discovering new worlds; often spotted on the heads of adventurers’ in films.


Weave and Design

The tighter the weave, the more refine the look of the hat

A crochet or twisted weave exudes a more casual look


Hat Care

HANDLE WITH CARE – Hold the hat by the brim, avoid pinching the crown as it can cause the delicate straw to crack. Hanging on rounded knobs is recommended. Rest the back of the hat when hanging on the wall.


PROTECT YOUR HAT – Do not place your hat on the back of your car for a long period of time, the heat will cause the straw to dry up and eventually crack. Protect from rain and water, dry it as soon as possible if it gets wet.


TRAVEL WELL – Place your hat upside down in a nest of soft clothing in the centre of your suitcase. Surround the brim with clothing to support the share and place small clothing items into the crown of the hat. When unpacking, give it a quick re-shape by hand.


CLEAN GENTLY – Remove the dirt by lightly dusting it with a dry cloth. Use moist baby wipes if the marks are difficult to remove. Do not rub too hard. If a piece of straw pops up on the crown or brim, do not pull it. Simply snip it off with a nail clipper or a small pair of scissors.