August Society makes great looking, comfortable, sustainable swimsuits for the whole family.


About Founder: Toni

I'm the definition of a third-culture kid: I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada, did my MBA in Europe, and now I have been living in Singapore for 12 years. I'm not a fashion designer by training; I come from the corporate world, having worked in the oil industry in Canada (ironic, I know) and as a management consultant in Southeast Asia. I wanted to take a more creative path, so I taught myself how to design and launched a swimwear brand in 2015.


Why the name August Society?

“My hubby is French and spent his childhood summers at his family’s vacation house in Corsica, and the last couple of summers we've been able to bring our kids there too. Many people in Southern Europe - think France, Italy, Spain, etc.- spend August on holiday and workplaces grind to a halt (good luck getting a plumber from the end of July to mid-September!) The masses flock to the coast and spend that time bathing in the sun and sea and enjoying long lazy lunches surrounded by friends and family. I wanted to capture that spirit in my brand, that effortless joie de vivre where you get to become your other, holiday, self, where you disconnect from responsibilities and reconnect with your loved ones. This is the August Society, and I hope you’ll want to become a part of it.”



Swimwear is also made from synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester, which are derived from petroleum products. Synthetic fabrics also release microplastics into the water when washed - these are tiny bits of plastic that come off of our clothes and get washed into the water system, where it eventually gets ingested by marine life.

What we can do is use recycled fabrics to make your swimming costumes, and also ensure it can be worn as long as possible so you can replace five cheap bathing suits with 1-2 good ones. The raw material for our swimwear is waste plastic, such as single-use water bottles and ECONYL® regenerated nylon fibres derived from carpeting and ghost fishing nets. These are fishing nets left behind in the oceans by fishing boats, either intentionally or accidentally.


Materials (Made in China)

Recycled fabric such as PET bottles and recovered ghost fishing nets
Blends of regenerated nylon / Lycra® spandex or recycled polyester / Lycra® spandex
Sun protection is a priority – UPF 50+ protection. This allows you to use less sunscreen that can be damaging to both your skin and the environment.


Care Instructions

Rinse immediately after use, hand wash cold in mild detergent,
Colours may fade with prolonged exposure to sun or chlorinated water






Our kids collection are sized by age, from 2-10 years old. If your child is between ages, judge the size based on if they are tall or small compared to the average for their age. If small, size down and if tall, size up. Otherwise, for rash guards and shorts, you can size up as there will be room to grow (and all of our shorts come with a drawstring waist to keep them in place).