About the Brand

Inspired by the beaches of Goa, life in the Mediterranean, the natural beauty of Australia and the atolls of the Indian Ocean, AKOSÉE threads are handcrafted with love from the finest fabrics. 

Whether you are on holiday or wish you were, our simple, elegant and stylish pieces are designed for all free spirits out there.


Materials & Sustainability

Certain styles are made from upcycled from excess stock of previous garments to reduce textile waste. Linen fabric is  also used as it is natural and biodegradable. All fabrics are sourced and produced locally, in a process not requiring air travel. 

Additionally, they have also created a special capsule collection made from Healfiber — a lightweight stretch jersey made with graphene, a product derived from corn cob waste. Among its many unique properties, graphene is anti bacterial, anti odour and one of the strongest, thinnest and most flexible natural fabrics. 

Lastly, Graphene is a thermal conductor meaning that in hot climates it will create a cooling effect and in cool climates create a warming effect. Graphene acts as a filter between the body and the environment to evenly distribute the body heat.