Hirota Glass

Hirota Glass Bamboo Sake Set


The shape of bamboo stands out and enchantingly paints a Japanese landscape while
enjoying the sake through this glass set. A refreshing product that directs your attention to the sake while having a feast.

Server: W46 x H200 mm | 270ml
Sake cup: W42 x H55 mm | 48ml
Sake set includes one server & two cups.

About Hirota Glass

Founded in 1899, Hirota Glass is one of the pioneers of glassmaking in Tokyo. Over 120 years of history, they have stayed true to their motto in creating handmade glassware. Combining glassmaking techniques originating from Europe with Japanese artistry, they have established their distinct designs.

As of now, they have over 800 different products, each of them handmade piece by piece. Currently Hirota Glass is the only glassmaker in the world that has the traditional Japanese technique of “Aburidashi” that enables them to give the glassware an opal appearance, hence making beautiful patterns appear on the glassware.

Color: Clear