Schmear Bagels by Monument Lifestyle



Bagel $4.50.

Choose from Plain, Sesame, Cheddar, Everything and Cinnamon Raisin.

Ingredients does not contain dairy, light egg wash only


Cream Cheese $2.50.

Choose from Plain, Spring Onion, Garlic and Herb, Jalapeño Cheddar, Strawberry and Sundried Tomato.

For separate cream cheese, you may choose no cream cheese and order single serving cream cheese separately.


We  need two days notice for all online bagel deliveries. 
(Ex. you order Monday, we confirm Tuesday and deliver on Wednesday)
All bagel deliveries are islandwide deliveries.
Exceptions are group deliveries to SAS and Sentosa, which are noted at check out.
**For any same day deliveries, go to deliveroo and grab. Please note these delivery platforms are subject to location and available stocks.**